Sunday, December 3, 2023

Christmas is in the Air

This week I had a few Christmas parties to attend.  Wednesday was our team at work.  We went to lunch in town and then did 2 games of bowling.  I won the second game.  Friday was the social Club Christmas party.  Our table was small in number but we had a good time, even though a storm came barreling in while we were on the roof.  Yesterday was the NMRA Christmas Party at the Monier Hotel.  Just under 40 people turned up and had a good meal, some chat and maybe a refreshment or two.  That is a nice way to end the year.

Today I did a small amount of work on laying some track on my 1:12 module.  That module is of a HO scale 4’x 2’ layout module.  Track gauge is works out at about 1.3mm.  It is hard to lay track in that scale.  It was just as hard trying to make the sleepers and paint them, and then attach them to the baseboard.  This module is due to display next Saturday at my Club’s annual modelling competition and Christmas BBQ.  I still have a few items to complete, and that leaves most nights next week to do it on.  I also have Friday afternoon following work.

After that event, my focus turns to cleaning up the shed and preparing for an Operations Session on the layout after Christmas.  I have a truck load of activities to attend to.  Some plastering of some new scenery needs to be completed and then painted and if time permits scenery put on top, track cleaning takes a good day, loco wheel cleaning with my new test rig, ensuring the timetable cards are all there, cleaning the North Coast Controller’s desk, and testing the headsets.  There is also about a dozen other items on my To Do list as well.  These other items are quite long in duration to complete.  So I will have only about 8 work days left to complete these tasks.

Invitations have gone out for the Ops Session and already I have 9 replies. 

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