Sunday, December 10, 2023

2023 Modelling Competition

Well this last weekend was the 2023 RMCQ Modelling competition and Christmas party.  I got there just after 10:00am and there were some tables already set up for the modelling comp entries.  So I put me entry in.  Soon the complete list of entries were being registered and the swarm of club members who wanted to see what was on offer grew.  OMG!  There was some pretty good models on offer.  There were only two rules.  The entry was to be a diorama of 6” x 6” and it must have some track on it.  We did not care what gauge it was.  We had entries in 1:12, G scale, O scale, S scale, HO scale, N scale and Z scale.  In HO we had 12mm and 16.5mm track.

At the appointed hour, every members had the opportunity to vote First Second and Third and place their entries in the bin.  Our organiser then counted up the votes.  There was hush over the Club as the wining names were read out.  Peter Akers was the winner with his N scale automated tram layout.  Yes an operating tram on a 6” x 6” module.  Second place was the Z scale entry from PK.  It was a scene with lots of Z scale items, truck, tractor, wagons, bear, sheep, fencing, trees, lots of small stuff.  You really needed a magnifying glass to see some of the small stuff.  It was a tie for third.  It was two entries from the same person.  Ken Howard had his S scale wagon being unloaded in a siding, and the other entry was a HO scale station abandoned building with a family taking photos of it.

Great effort by the members.  I think it will be same again next year.

After that we had our Christmas Party.  $5 and it was great.  Ham and chicken with some salad followed up with some plum pudding with custard and cream.  I was full.  Did I mention $5.  Great job by those placing orders for the food and the plates we used.  I’ll be back next year.

Now for some photos of the entries.

A section of abandoned G scale track

A piece of 6' x 6' tiled floor with three 4' x 2 modules under construction. a few tools are there and the first pieces of track have been laid and the gauge is about 1.4mm with is a module of HO track in a 1:12 world.

The backyard view

A water way under the 12mm track

A wagon with a load.  The building had lights.

Peter's winning Tram

Now the tram is at the other end of the layout

Some animation.  A dog with a tail waging.  The guy next to the dog had his wobbly boots on.  The other two guys had passed out.  Must have been some good stuff they were drinking.

Pk's second place entry with the Z scale mountain.

N scale track with a loco that had seen better days.

Thomas with some bad eyes.  The lava in front of the track was scary

Keb's 3rd place S scale unloading scene

Ken's other 3rd place entry in HO scale.

A very nice HO scale entry with a 12mm item of rollingstock.

The whole list of entries lines up and being meticulously studied by club members,

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