Sunday, May 9, 2021

Whoops I Almost Forgot!

Tonight I got distracted and almost forgot to post an update in this blog.  I have not missed a Sunday night post for years.  Maybe over 11 plus years – possibly as far back as December 20 2009.  I was just sitting at the kitchen table assembling a model kit from PGC Scale models which I purchased last Saturday at the Brisbane Model Railway Exhibition when it dawned on me that I had not yet posted for tonight.  So I dropped everything and changed focus by sitting at my computer and popping out this Blog post.

This week started with Monday being a public holiday.  First task was to put everything away from the weekend.  The second task was to install some 12mm bogies that I purchased from Caintode Flats Products last Sunday onto three QR open wagons that were fitted with HO bogies.  These were purchased from a deceased estate at a Buy and Sell a couple of weeks earlier.  Tuesday was our fortnightly meeting at my place.  So my spare time on Monday was spent doing what I had been doing for the previous 2 weeks in secret.  This was painting the fascias on my layout.  Bit by bit, I was painting these black, doing different section all over the place.  They were originally white laminate that I was given by a mate.  I just painted over the white with a few sample pots of black paint from Bunnings.  On Tuesday night, not everyone noticed.  But some did.  I think the black paint is making us focus more on the colour between the fascias, especially when I have the layout lights on.

Saturday this week was Club meeting day.  Due to my son having a late school soccer game, I didn’t rock up at the Club until one minute before the meeting started.  I bought the last two raffle tickets and I won the first pick of the three prizes.  How was that for luck.  I also picked up a decoder from PK for one of my 1720 class locos.  Today I picked up another decoder from a mate that lives in the next suburb, also for another 1720 class loco.  I may get around to decodering these up during the week, and probably Friday afternoon at the latest.

Following some questions I asked the collective wisdom of modellers on Tuesday night (about painting the lighting pelmets), yesterday afternoon, I got out the blue sky paint and started painting a couple of random places in this light blue sky colour.  This is starting to look good, but I really need to do quite a bit more to get a better impression.  Today in the shed, I did a bit more fascia painting and there are only a couple of small sections yet to be painted.  I still need to do a second coat to some areas as the paint brush is pretty dodgy and does not give a good coverage.  After lunch I took a few photos of quite a few wagons on the layout for an upcoming NMRA-X presentation on weathering.  I have basically completed my part of the presentation.

Next Sunday is our Club’s Buy and Sell on the Sunday morning from about 10:00am (I think) so hopefully I will pick up a bargain or two and also sell a thing or two.  Saturday will be spent working out what items  I will take to the Buy and Sell to try and get rid of.

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