Sunday, May 16, 2021

Buy and Sell Wrap

So after a very busy work week, I signed off early on Friday afternoon.  I did some more painting of my fascias in the afternoon.  I had two sections to complete and I did a second coat on the last sections I painted to make them look better.  Later in the arvo I was asked to change my wife's non working brake light, so I conscripted the support of my apprentice.  I think he needs to be introduced to all these small car type jobs as he is doing his driving lessons.  He needs to know his way around the car.  Later that night when watching the Broncos get smashed, I sat at the kitchen table and did some work assembling my second QR QGA wagons. When that was completed, I also folded up 40 tarpaulins of various colours to sell at the Buy and Sell.

On Saturday after school sport, which my apprentice chauffeured me too and from, I gave my two QGA wagons a coat of silver paint.  The two wagons seemed to come up quite well.  While using the silver paint, I painted up two small water tanks a nice galvanised silver colour.  The next step was to pack the car for Sunday morning’s Buy and Sell event at the Club.

So after an early start on Sunday morning, I made my way to the Club and lined up and paid Norm the Treasurer for my table.  There were people setting up everywhere before 8:00am.  The numbers through the Club gates seems pretty good.  I caught up with quite a few mates for a natter.  I also found a couple of bargains.  Or more correctly, they found me.  I made sales of a few hundred and then went and spent most of it on lots of miniature people for my layout and 4 Road Ragers Australian model cars and a fantastic HO scale VW beetle.  I might have also picked up some other bargains, a few wagons and a DCC auto reverser for a bargain.  I stayed back to help with a small amount of work with putting the sales tables away.  I had no idea we had that many tables at the Club.  I think everyone was happy with their level of sales and the amount of people through the front gate - particularly the Treasurer.  The BBQ guys were going all day and they had people lines up from very early until late.  They had it down pat.  One cooking, one serving the snags, and one handling the money.

Now the next thing I need to do is motivate PK into completing his part of our Weathering Clinic for the Online Australian NMRA Convention in mid-June.  We are heading to Shelton’s on Tuesday so it will be interesting to see what he has or hasn’t done since our last visit.  Next Saturday is also the NMRA meeting and Operations session at Duncan's place and I'm sure I will find some jobs to complete next Sunday.

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  1. Motivation? I got motivation...well, sort of...maybe...who are you and what do you want? know me so well...