Sunday, March 31, 2024

Wifi in the Shed

It has finally happened.  After being on the receiving end of years of berating from my mates, and after a wet week of showers, and the ground being softened, on Friday I dug a trench about 30cm deep from the house to the shed.  I laid some conduit in the ground and threaded some Cat 5 cable through it.  I was thinking that my apprentice was going to help me but he slept in.  I then added some conduit to the house to snake the cable along the side, under the sliding door to the old train room in the house and then round the wall and up to where the router in the family room is positioned on the other side of the wall.  I waited for my apprentice to reappear to assist with back filling of the trench but that never occurred either.   Saturday I waiting until around lunch time and then I drilled through the brick wall and installed a fascia panel inside the house with a RJ45 socket on it. I then plugged a patch lead from that socket to the router.  Half way there!  I then had to drill a hole into the shed wall through the wall and feed the other end of the Cat-5 cable through the shed wall and into a second fascia panel with an RJ45 socket in it.  Another patch lead from the socket to my Wifi extender which I positioned up high inside the shed.  I then had to run a power cable to my Wifi extender and turn it on.  Previously my Wifi did not really reach very well out to my faraday cage shed.  I then brought my mobile phone down to the shed and closed the shed up, and fired the phone Wifi up to see if I had better service than before.  A full 5 bars was achieved inside the shed.  Success!

So earlier this week I purchased another 7 plastic tubs.  The plan is to initially load one up with all my Australian Railway History magazines.  The rest will hold my AMRMs.  I did have a bit of a clean out inside the shed, so I can locate my plastic tubs down there.

Earlier this morning, I started painting my Kyogle Station building.  The plan is to spend some time this coming week, completing this building and the station platform, which has been in a semi-built state for more than 10 years.


  1. Craig! That’s terrible news! What on earth are the guys going to rib you about now?

  2. There's still couplers all over the place.... ;-)