Sunday, June 19, 2022

Damn Microsoft!

I had plans for this weekend, but they turned to dust.  On Saturday a Microsoft patch update bricked my main home computer.  I could not unbrick it.  I had plans to add the last few photos to my Armidale Convention presentation and go through it one last time, before it would be considered complete.  I went through the presentation on Friday and decided that I needed to take a number of updated photos.  I added those to the presentation late morning.  On Saturday morning I went though the presentation again and identified some more photos that could be improved.  So when I went back to the PC on Saturday afternoon, I noticed it was bricked.  Nothing I could do, could unbrick it.  So it looks like I will have to borrow the efforts of some work mates on Tuesday to help me fix it.

I had also planned to do some track cleaning wagon construction on Sunday but with Tricky Dicky's team doing so well I watched the SuperCar races instead.  I might get around to doing that tomorrow.

Now with my PC, luckily I have a spare laptop at home that I can use for this Blog update and check email and other things over the weekend.  However, what is most annoying is that there is no recent backup to my Armidale Presentation apart from the one on the bricked PC.  The latest few versions were saved to the desktop on my normal PC.  So if it cannot be unbricked I will need to remove the SSD drive and and copy the few files that I have saved the old desktop to another location so I can access them on this backup PC.  All my other files are still available, just not my latest presentation updates.  

So with my normal PC offline, I lost some modelling mojo.  Next week, we have some online activities on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings and a trip to the coast on Saturday for our NMRA meeting.  Who knows, I might get my mojo back next week.

And to make matters a bit worse, my mower has finally carked it and I cannot get it to start.  Time for a better mower doctor that me to look at it.  So that is Monday's job, take that to the fixer-upper person.

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