Sunday, September 12, 2021

Still More Fencing

We had Tuesday Nighter’s this week at Shelton’s place.  There was 10 guests there as well as the host and his boss.  Bit by bit, more scenery is completed on Shelton’s VR railway.  He was also fixing various sections of track where some wagons might have had some issues.  So good progress is being made.  Dr Peter was doing a bit of cleanout of his office space and quite a number of Railway Digest magazines, other magazines, various hard cover railway books made it to the meeting and were distributed to those in attendance.  I have since found out that I already had some of the books that I had purloined.  So these doubles will be boomeranging back to the next Tuesday Nighter’s meeting for redistribution to others.

On Friday I went down to the shed and completed a few tasks.  Firstly I got the diluted aquadhere out and added it to the ballast in the Kyogle Butter factor Siding, and the Kyogle Veneer Siding.  That was allowed to set.  I then installed some more wire fencing around the Lismore Shell Oil Siding.  Today I continued the fencing task and eventually completed the fencing around the Rocla Sleeper Siding.  At both locations however, I still need to add wire to the actual gates into the rail sidings.

I also created another length of guttering for the rear of the Kyogle Butter Factory building.  I also did some maintenance on the roof structure.  I then added two downpipes from the front gutters, as well as a bit of junk around the end of the building.  Some graffiti was also added.  So I think that industry is almost complete.  I will probably add some downpipes from the rear gutters and then I just need to fit the sliding doors to the front of the building.

I also painted up some sections of white metal post and split rail fencing.  This will go around the Baker’s Farm scene between the Rocla Sleeper Siding and Rappville Loop.  Quite possibly next weekend, or maybe during the week, as I have Wednesday off.  I already have some fencing around most of the farm, but the scene needs to be extended in both directions.

On Saturday I headed over to the Club for the AGM.  The club is running quite well with good cash reserves, plenty of members, plenty of workers and development activity happening on 4 layouts and the outdoor G/Live Steam gauge.  When I came home in the arvo, I added wheels to the fettler crew’s speeder car.  I was thinking of trying to make this work on 12mm track, but the underneath frame was just too wide for the wheels to sit on 12mm track.  So it ended up being fitted with 16.5mm gauge wheels and is now sitting on some sleepers at Kyogle.  

Every time I go the shed I see my half finished Kyogle Station building sitting on the kitchenette benches.  Well I think it will soon to be put back onto the top of the 'to do' list, as the current tasks above are completed.

I have some visitors coming over on the 25th, so I am trying to complete a few loose ends before then.

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