Sunday, June 6, 2021

Presentation, Posts and Painting

This week we visited Barnacle Bob’s on Tuesday and again were amazed at his layout.  It is just fabulous.  I’m sure there has been some changes made since we were last there.  On Friday afternoon I went to the shed and broke out the black paint and did a bit of touching up of the fascia in a couple of areas.  On Friday evening, I started putting some of the slides that PK sent me into my master presentation for an upcoming NMRA online convention - well next Sunday.  I still expect some more slides from PK on Monday.  I'm hoping that we should finish the presentation on Monday evening.  It should be a hoot.

On Saturday morning I broke out the blue paint to spend a hour painting some of my light fittings and starting on some backscenes in some areas.  I then had to spend the rest of the day travelling to the other side of the city for my son’s soccer game, which they lost 5-3 after being down 5-0.  It was a great comeback, against a very disrespectful, loud and obnoxious group of so called Christian men.   

The Toowoomba Model Train Show was on this weekend, I asked PK to try and pick up some bogie screws for me at a couple of the shops.  Unfortunately they did not have any in stock.  I want to use the screws to attach some bogies to some wagons. 

So on Sunday I decided to sleep in and not go to Toowoomba and instead installed the two posts for my entry protection awning for my shed.  I’ve had the posts and the holes for the posts available for weeks.  So this morning we went and picked up 6 bags of postcrete.  My helper assisted with holding the posts in place, while I braced them with a couple of lengths of 42 x 19 clamped to the post.  The postcrete was poured in, and they were basically pretty much plumb.  So the water was added and the concrete started its setting process.  There is a couple of millimetres difference in distance for the posts from the shed.  Who cares about that?  I put a straight edge across the tops of the posts and they were pretty much level.  Damn amazing!

So next week, it looks like I will be heading to Stratco to buy some steel C channel for the frame for the roof to be installed.  I will try and assemble it on the ground and then raise it up to the top of the posts and see how it goes.  But it might have some weight in it by then.  We will see.

Anyway after that work was completed, I decided to paint a couple of the remaining fascias as you enter the shed their black colour.  So that was completed and then I started to paint a few more of the light pelmets a blue colour.  I also started painting the area behind Clapham Yard, Loco Pilly and towards Dutton Park the sky blue background colour as well.  I also started on some of the area behind Cassino as well.  But I have now run out of my blue backdrop colour, so that I require another trip to Bunnings for another sample pot.  

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