Sunday, April 11, 2021

More Pallets

Well last Sunday night did not turn out as expected, but by Monday night I had painted up a total of 40 clothes lines and completed three strings of pallets.  On Tuesday afternoon I headed to a local hobby shop and picked up some more styrene and have enough styrene in reserves for another 108 pallets if required.  During the week, activity turned to painting up a few tarpaulins.  

On Friday afternoon I sold some clotheslines to a local hobby shop in between various meetings while working from home.  When I got home I produced another 27 pallets for good measure – making the fourth string and 108 on hand.  I had dinner and then produced another 27 pallets – the fifth string.  While at a hobby shop on Saturday morning I picked up a couple of spray cans of paint to paint up some of these pallets – quite possibly next weekend’s task.  I had a plan to make up a few more clothes lines on Saturday evening, before changing tack and doing some electronics type work on Sunday.  But on Saturday evening I did another 27 pallets – the 6th string.  That is 162 pallets on hand.  I still have enough styrene available to do another two strings or 52 pallets at least.  I can knock off a complete string of pallets in around one hour.

While at the Club on Saturday, I picked through some items that were from a deceased estate and handed over some money to the Treasurer and he had a bit of fun.  I found three small combi vans that had a friction motor in them that you pulled back and let them go.  So while the boring Club meeting was on, we had three of these combi vans zooming across our table from all different directions and trying to have a crash in the middle of the table.  Childish I know, but we all had a laugh.  Greg also brought along some 3D printed items that I ordered from him over the last month.  It was some road barriers and some water tanks. These will eventually go into some wagons loads.  

Today I soldered up six incinerators.  I added a bridge rectifier to a capacitor and added my LED and a resistor.  Next was some lengths of wire and the end result was 6 working incinerators.  These are ready for me to sell at the Brisbane May Show.  I might have my demo board for level crossing detectors also with me at the May show in Brisbane.  So I might have to make up some level crossing detector flashing light kits for that event as well. 

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