Sunday, April 4, 2021

Clotheslines and Pallets

On Thursday afternoon after signing off work, I finally Googled how to solve my Rubik's Cube.  I then did it.  I used to have a book to help me get it out but I lost it a few years ago.  My rubik's cube has been sitting on my office desk for a couple of years in a weird configuration.  So it is now just like a bought one.

On Friday morning I started work on 7 HO clotheslines.  That was when I realised that I needed to buy some 0.040” styrene rod, so I picked up some of that on Saturday morning.  Focus shifted to working on a strip of pallets.  So that was 27 of them.  I needed to slightly downsize them.  This was so they could fix into an open wagon at 2 wide across the wagon.  Of course the open wagon had to be manufactured with thicker than prototype sides, thus the measurement that had to give (so to speak) was the inside measurement of the wagon, while retaining the external measurements to scale. 

On Saturday I hit the road and visited Barnacle Bob to pick an item that he painted for me, and it did look very nice indeed.  Thanks Barnacle.  I then visited some hobby shops for some styrene supplies.  Nine packets later from two shops and I was ready to hit the kitchen table and knock out some more clotheslines.

In the afternoon I continued with some more clotheslines knocking out another fourteen.  I then looked for my 0.030” rod.  Well wouldn’t you know it I only had one length left in the packet I had on hand.  Guess what?  I didn’t pick up an extra packet of 0.030” rod in the morning.  So I think on Monday I will pick up another two packets of 0.030” rod and another of 0.040” rod if the shops are open.  Well just checked online and you guessed it – no cigar.  I am also now out of 0.040” styrene rod, as I used the whole packet I bought yesterday after making up another 20 clotheslines on Saturday night.  While watching TV, I knocked out most of the clotheslines, just leaving the 0.030” braces to the tops of them to complete.  I also started off on the next string of 27 pallets.  I also knocked out another 28 pieces of 4” x 4” dunnage to go inside my many open wagons and to be used to separate some lengths of steel that I sell for various open wagons.  These get painted various shades of brown.

I also managed a trip to Jaycar on Saturday afternoon to pick up the components to make 5 power supplies for my flickering incinerators.  Hopefully I will sell a couple of these flickering incinerators at the upcoming May show in Brisbane. 

I made a trip to Bunnings on Sunday morning and picked up a piece if wood.  This will be used to make another demonstration track setup, this time for Shelton the Photographer.  I may install two versions of this on the track.  One will certainly be using an Arduino for the triggering and firing the photographer flash and maybe I will also install another using just the electronic components only. 

So next up was completing the second lot of 27 pallets.  That was followed by an email exchange with my local shop – aka Raymond.  I borrowed his last packet of 0.030” styrene rod and after a natter with him and Lefty, I resumed building some clotheslines.  I completed 10 clothesline tops with the 0.030" styrene, then painted only 7 of them because I could not count.  I have since completed another 4 and will resume construction in an hour or so, in the hope of knocking them all off tonight. 

I have started a third string of pallets.  So far I have about 7 or 8 complete, I will resume working on them tomorrow morning and before the rest of the family rises, I should have string number 3 completed.  I also spent some time down the shed and will be looking at making the scenes on the layout as you enter the shed more presentable.  The fascias of the two decks may get a bit of a colour if I can work out what colour to do them.

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