Sunday, June 9, 2024

Club Activities

This last week, I had 3 work days before resuming my Long Service Leave duties.  On Thursday I did nothing on the modelling front.  However, on Friday I got around to putting all my AMRM magazines into plastic sleeves and then putting 12 plastic sleeves into some binders.  There are now 5 binders to a tub and 5 tubs have been relocated to the shed.  I have copies every AMRM issue ever produced.  These tubs are now in the shed under the Cassino baseboard.  This has freed up some bookshelf space in a bookshelf in the office and removed a few piles of AMRMs from the floor in the office.  I have since re-filled the book shelf with a few other books that were laying around on top of other books.

Saturday was the official opening of the RMCQ Clubrooms extensions, the Outdoor G gauge layout and the 50th Anniversary of the Club (actually the 51st).  I had the job of cooking the BBQ, so I missed the two G scale trains running through a paper banner on the new G scale staging sidings located under the new carport.  I did see some very nice weathered models running around on the layout.  A rather QR 12 mm trains was running around and it looked a treat.  Later on in the day, I saw a standard gauge train running round and it was every bit as good as the first narrow gauge train. Well done for Mitch for his weathering efforts.

Today I went to the shed and worked on cutting up quite a few split log fence posts.  These still need to be stained before placement around the layout.  At lunch time I went to Jaycar and picked up a small jiffy box to house the power supply components for my layout communication headsets.  I took the opportunity to move the LED in the power circuit that shows that power is on to the circuit, to the top of the jiffy box.  The jiffy box was attached to the layout fascia, power applied and everything tested good again.  However, just later today I worked out that there are no ventilation holes in the jiffy box, so if it gets hot, it might cook itself.  I think I will drill about half a dozen ventilation holes in the jiffy box tomorrow morning.

I need to change gears and focus on my November presentation for the New England Convention in Armidale.  So the plan was to do some work there this afternoon.  Buy my procrastination gene took over.  I reviewed the two power point presentations that I will be giving next weekend at the NMRA meeting.  I fixed a couple of spelling mistakes.  I then basically developed the outline of a whole new presentation for a future NMRA meeting about the NSW NOCY wagon.  It was then that I pulled out my notes and did a bit more brain storming and planning for the November presentation.  So that will be this week’s job.  More work will continue tomorrow.   

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