Sunday, September 17, 2023

Tick Tick Tick

As the clock ticks down to our trip to Sydney for the NMRA Convention, our travelling party have basically finalised our itinerary both down and back.  We hope to visit some mates on the way down and back and also take a few photos of trains and railway infrastructure at various locations.  We have also wrangled ourselves an Operations session after the Convention.  How good is that.

Yesterday we had our local NMRA meeting and 49 people turned up.  We had three very interesting presentations and a lot of good information passed around.  We also had a few laughs.

On the modelling front, I have just tried to install some retaining screws into a passenger wagon this weekend, so the roof can be attached to the basic frame of the wagon.  With the crews, the top can be removed from the bottom and I can get access to some electrical components inside.  But I’m having some issues at one end of my wagon.  Just as I write this, I got a brain wave.  So I went and implemented it.  I will see how well it worked after the glue dries.

I am also working on another couple of potential articles for AMRM.  We will see how they go.

The activity I’m spending most brain power on at the moment is preparing the paperwork for my modelling in the modelling competition entries at the upcoming Convention.  Working out what photos or plans I need to include is a killer.  We don’t want to provide too much info, or it will not be looked at.  Too little info and it won’t prove some of the points I am talking about in my judging forms.  Well I am only looking for a few Merit Awards, no sheep stations here.

Next Saturday is the Gold Coast Model Railway Exhibition.  I will be attending on the Saturday working on the NMRA stand.  I think I will be working on a couple of simple models.  Then I will start looking at what I am talking down to the Convention.

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