Sunday, May 22, 2022

It's Flown Out the Window

Tuesday this week, we went over to Barnacle Bob’s Mosquito Creek Layout for our Tuesday get together.  We had about 10 in attendance.  Bob's layout just continues to blow me away when you view it.  Again Barnacle has made another addition.  The local pub, no doubt the watering hole for the local wharfies, now has inside and outside lights and inside one of the bars, you can see a TV flickering away.  But you can’t really tell what is showing on the TV.  Maybe because they cannot afford an aerial yet.

Well I’ve been reasonably quiet lately.  I did do a couple of changes to my presentation on Building Wagons in Styrene during the week.  On Saturday morning after a very late relocation of the meeting due to all the rain, I gave my presentation first up at the NMRA meeting.  The presentation following mine was very interesting and was about Craftsman Kits.  I had to leave early to attend a birthday party, so I have no idea what happened after that.

So at the moment, I'm struggling to get motivated to start any model railway work.  I do have quite a few things on my To Do list, but I just cannot motivate myself to start work on any of them.  I think I might need to sit back and review my current list, and what is to occur over the next few weeks and I will see if any new priorities pop out.  Who knows, something might trigger some renewed motivation and then I can start working on a few items in my To Do list and get stuck into them.

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